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Unexpected Stay in Minnesota!

It was not in our plan to stay in Minnesota tonight. We were on our way to South Dakota, and winds were high and driving just became dangerous. We also have some sick pups and we wanted to get them to a vet in SD. Thankfully, we ended up at a fabulous Harvest Host in Waldorf, MN…JRs Barn. Renee was so sweet and welcoming…and said a prayer for us and the pups for good health and safe travels! This was just what I needed to regroup after little sleep last night (sick dogs ), and a really scary drive this morning. Sincerely grateful… *dogs are doing fine and will be seeing the vet tomorrow.

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First Harvest Hosts Stay!

Our very first Harvest Host stop…Poplar Grove Vintage Wings and Wheels in Illinois! There is a museum and it is closed for the season, but they let us come in and tour…lovely people here! The best part was talking to these amazing guys…they are building a WWI Jenny from scratch!! Over $100K and 20,000 man hours…they are just weeks away from the test flight. So ridiculously cool!!

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