The Maiden Voyage

Wow! Thank you so much for the love and support! We have received a flood of questions, and I will do my best to answer them all as we go. I will talk more about the buying experience later (still a bit of salt in that wound).
So...we decided to take a local trip for a trial run just to see how everything works and what it’s like ‘living’ in the RV. We went all the way to Clermont (ok it’s only about 30 mins away...hehehe) to a beautiful RV park for the week. The first order of business was to get this beast out of the driveway, and it was a tight fit! Thanks to Kyle and Adam for the guidance, and some sketchy branch removal...Jason was able to back her up without incident. 
Once we got the RV out of the driveway, we got settled for the trip. Jason grabbed us both drinks from the fridge. First lesson learned: make sure you lock the fridge again before you head out on the road. We got one street away before all hell broke loose and we had a cleanup on Aisle 2. 🙄🤣
The day we arrived at the campground, we realized that our electric hookup on the RV was damaged. As luck would have it, our next door neighbor was a retired electrician! He told Jason to get a part at the campground store (only $12) and he fixed it for us in about 30 minutes. So nice! We promise that we will always help others in any way that we can. Jason has some seriously useful skills that I have no doubt will be helpful to others in our travels, but me? Think anyone will need to be coached and motivated to improve their sales ability? 😳🤣 If you put good out into the world, it most certainly comes back to you!
The day the electrician moved out, we had new neighbors move in. They are a super nice couple from Texas with a ten year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named Oscar. He took this photo of us (and the sunset!) from the top of his fifth it! The next day he ruptured his Achilles and his wife had to take him to the hospital, so I happily got put on dog sitting duty. I think I forgot that in my list of marketable skills. Lesson learned: when you arrive at a campground, find the closest trustworthy dog person and make a new friend! You may have to call on them in a pinch! 🐶💕🐾