Buying the RV - The Conclusion!

The remainder of our RV buying experience was, well...painful. I have tons of patience as a customer, as I have been on the other side for many years. I didn’t have BIG problems with the RV, they were small and I’m grateful for that.
The issue was really a lack of communication. When you call the dealership, they answer the phone, say nothing, and immediately put you on hold. When you finally speak to someone, they tell you who you need to talk to - transfer you there and it just rings and rings in some black hole that no one answers (only for the system to hang up on you!). This didn’t happen once, it was many different occasions.
I got someone in service and explained that my delivery coordinator wouldn’t answer the phone, and she actually said “oh that sounds like her”. 😳
That is never a good sign, when a team will so easily throw each other under the bus. She put me in touch with the GM of the dealership, who listened and looked for a solution. He was very helpful, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that this man just gets beat up by customers all day long because his team is a hot mess.
He assigned me a service advisor who should have clearly never been assigned any job with service in the title. To make a long story much shorter, he lied to the GM and said that he tried to reach me 3 times and I didn’t answer the phone (in an aggressive email that he forgot I was copied on). Ummm...I can’t actually remember when voicemail became a thing, but I’m pretty sure it’s been awhile?? 🤔. My interaction with him was more lies and zero follow up, to the point where I had to reach out to the GM again and request a new service advisor.
We also arranged for RV insurance through the dealer bundled with other insurance-that was a HUGE mistake. I’m pretty sure she is on a commission, but you wouldn’t know if you based it on how she handled her customers.
During all of this, I was looking at all the reviews for the dealership and they were just dismal. The BBB actually had a 1 (I think out of 5?) rating for this particular business. The issue really is...that when I looked at the same for other dealers it wasn’t very different. Buying an RV is a BIG purchase, and I think we have a right to expect a high level of service. My personal experience was that as soon as they took our money, they couldn’t care less about us. I realize there are some out there that had great experiences, and I consider them lucky - it seems as they are few and far between.
Needless to say, I did learn quite a bit during the process and will be a much more cautious buyer in the future. Also, to update you - it turns out the “shitters full” wasn’t the case, we had a bad sensor. Whew! 🤣💩