Buying the RV Part 2

We scheduled our delivery day/walkthrough on the same day as my MIL. It was important for us to be familiar with her RV as well, so we can assist her when needed. Also, she doesn’t want to drive it (and we don’t want her to either! 🤣). The agreement was that Jason would drive ours and I would drive hers. Perfect...not a big deal that I haven’t ever driven anything larger than a small U-Haul. 😳
Delivery day went okay, but we were there ALL day. They took our money, and then we spent the rest of the day with John...who was actually wonderful and so helpful. He took us through everything and I took notes, and videos of many of the things he went over. In hindsight, I wish I had made a checklist. John did a great job of telling us what we needed to purchase (accessories) and we purchased them that day just to make it easy. He did mistakenly tell us we only had one black/grey tank, when we actually have two...but I realize he probably goes over so many different makes and models, so not a big deal. We had one storage compartment that was locked, and he said’s identical to the one on the other side. Turns out, that is where the additional tanks were. The sensor showed the tank was 2/3 full and they promised to dump it before we left.
Even though I knew I could do it...I shared my anxiety with John about driving, and he was very kind and took me on a driving lesson through the lot, out into traffic (GAH!) and back. I even backed that baby up between cones and nailed it! The purpose of this is for you to not be afraid of driving is much easier than you think!
When we attempted to leave that day, our battery was dead (remember this for later) and they had to rush around to address it. It was a bit chaotic, and finally we were able to drive home after a very long day.
The following day, we realized that they had sent us away without keys to the storage or engine compartments. I called them, and they assured me they could get them for me when we went back to get our front sunshade replaced (side note: we bought the RV 2 months ago and the sunshade still hasn’t been replaced). Jason then learned via YouTube - that we indeed had two tanks...and they were located behind a lock we didn’t have the key to! And...guess what else they didn’t do?...yep - empty the tank. Shitters Full!🤢