Buying the RV Part 1

While many industries struggled through COVID, RV sales flourished. Every dealership we visited told us how they couldn’t keep any inventory and that the factory couldn’t produce them as fast as people were buying them. For my theme park/attraction friends, it sounded like “this show fills up quick, so you will want to buy now.”😉
We also went to the RV show in Tampa, and that was a great experience. If you are considering buying an RV, you should go! You can look at all types of rigs, and even check out the luxury coaches that run in the millions. Too expensive for us but they were fun to tour!
On a Saturday, after a few beers (and maybe a few too many) MIL decided she wanted to come along on our travels - part of the time. So...she started talking about getting her own RV. We made plans to look that Monday. We knew we had some pretty significant negotiating power if we were going to buy two at once.
That day we found ours and loved it, and as I mentioned we had decided to purchase pre-owned. My MIL looked at a total of 3 (in her - and decided on hers - a new, slightly shorter version of the one we liked. Then the fun part - negotiating the price. Of course we didn’t like the number he initially gave us - it included thousands 💰💰 for prep and delivery. Do not pay this! (think of it as a promo item, except you don’t actually get a nifty poncho to wear when it rains). 🤣
We told him the number we wanted to pay, and if they couldn’t get us there - both sales would walk out the door and go visit the next dealership. Of course, they met our terms. We put down our deposits and scheduled delivery/walkthrough for the the following weekend. That was a lovely day. The dealership “fun” (and when I say fun, I mean something like getting poked in the eye with a stick) started at delivery.